My results have been released and without mincing words, it was just a lot lot better than I had expected or even dared to hope for. I AM SO STUNNED. The sign I’m holding has been stuck on my window for a year but felt like a faraway dream and when ... read more

“As we enter into university, we need to realise that this is merely the beginning of a very long journey ahead, and that is a journey not only of academia and learning more about the history of thought and knowledge, or of mathematical or scientifi... read more

Australia is not a cheap country. Let’s face it: it’s a very expensive country. A cup of coffee for $3.50 or even $4. Renting a typical 2 bedroom apartment will cost you $500 to $700 per week. Yes, not per month, per week! And don’t even mention t... read more

It is with great and proud pleasure that NAS Education will be supporting an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur for students looking to study at a TOP ranked institution in London, UK.  The exhibitors are amongst some of the highest ranked universities in both t... read more