“As we enter into university, we need to realise that this is merely the beginning of a very long journey ahead, and that is a journey not only of academia and learning more about the history of thought and knowledge, or of mathematical or scientific theories, but at the end of the day, to be equipped with the appropriate skills from our time in university so that they will serve us well and put us in good stead when we leave the university upon graduation to work in the real world.

No matter where we end up in, almost every job will require an idea of understanding how to handle administrative work, be it organising data or researching facts and categorising them in a sensible and accessible manner, or handle logistical support, which is akin to organising the inventory or equipment that is required for a certain event. Eventually, your job scope will be expanded into undertaking management positions, which is when you need to understand how to deal with issues to come up with innovative solutions to resolve them, and to be able to lead a team of individuals each with varied skillsets in order to accomplish an assigned task by designing strategies and approaches to solve the problem.

While these may sound like foreign jargon that is not what one will learn in university, it is in fact precisely in university you can learn them: administrative work in the simplest manners is how neatly you organise all the notes and scans of the readings you have in university to make exam revision accessible and convenient; logistical support is even in the planning of a pre-drinks sessions and getting around to the supermarket to buy drinks for everyone and managing the transport them efficiently, and management positions is just like being in the executive committee of a society and coming up with a vision for the society to work towards in the future.

There are many ways you can grow as a person in university, and academia is only one of them. Open your eyes to the many possibilities that allow you to develop in more than just in terms of the knowledge of the discipline that you are pursuing, but also in the skills that will equip you with the necessary know-how to cope with the challenges that you will eventually face during whatever future phases of your life as university comes to an end.”

Posted by Jorel Chen through studyinuk – Student at Durham University