Who we are

Nas Education Sdn Bhd was formerly known as Nazza Education Sdn Bhd which was incorporated in 2007 to provide educational advisory for students in Malaysia seeking further education in foreign universities. Due to a corporate rebranding exercise, Nazza Education is now known as Nas Education Sdn Bhd (Nas Education) effective December 2013.

Nas Education guides students in making informed choices pertaining to the future of their education. Since our inception, more than a thousand students have pursued their higher education overseas through Nas Education. We first started by placing students in institutions of higher learning in the United Kingdom and have since expanded to placing students in Australia, New Zealand, United States of America and Canada.

We ensure that the students are a match with the universities/colleges we recommend based on their qualifications and by working closely with sponsors.

The role of Nas Education is to act as a facilitator between students and institutions of higher learning as well as between local institutions/ government bodies and their foreign counterparts. Our objective is to allow our students the opportunity to gain international exposure to ensure a better future for them. We also assist local institutions and organisations in improving and enhancing their manpower.


September 2013, MARA Ketengah International College (MKIC), a new higher education institution wholly owned by MARA, offering ‘A’ Level programmes, is the latest organisation to appoint Nas Education as their student placement liaison office.

2012 – Kolej-Polytech MARA (KPTM) followed suit whilst Kolej MARA Seremban came in May 2013, requesting assistance with their ‘A’ Levels graduates.

2011, Nas Education began assisting the Human Resources Department of MARA in organizing and conducting the IELTS and GMAT training classes under the department’s “Top Executive Programme”. Nas Education went on to place successful students (MARA manpower) from the programme, in top-ranking universities in Australia and the United Kingdom.

2010, In that same year, Nas Education assisted MARA’s Higher Education Division in placing their Diploma graduates from MARA Professional Colleges into foreign universities in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Another notable milestone, when Nas Education was appointed as the placement consultant for The Department of Aboriginal People Affairs Malaysia (APAM) under the Ministry of Rural Development and Regional Development Malaysia. Apart from placing their graduates, Nas Education also help organise IELTS training classes up till to date.

Nas Education has also been working with the Internationalisation Unit – Higher Skills and Technical Division, MARA since 2009, overseeing all Higher Skilled Colleges (KKTM). We assist in identifying foreign institutions best suits KKTM Diploma programmes and advanced standing matters as well as placing their students to Australian and the United Kingdom Universities.

2008, Nas Education was appointed by University Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) to place UniKL’s students, scholars and manpower in foreign universities. Nas Education is also the liaison office and initiated collaborations / articulations between UniKL and foreign Universities.

Appointment by the Department of Polytechnics, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia in 2007 as their placement consultant and liaison office between the department and foreign universities. The mandate includes placing their Polytechnics Diploma graduates over in Australian and the United Kingdom Universities, as well as their academics, under the ‘Skim Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan’, SHLP.


The NAS Education Team