My results have been released and without mincing words, it was just a lot lot better than I had expected or even dared to hope for.

I AM SO STUNNED. The sign I’m holding has been stuck on my window for a year but felt like a faraway dream and when my results came, especially in this form (90??? Borderline 90A*s, how amazing!), I knew it couldn’t have been anything but God. No message could have been clearer that this could not have happened if not for Him so thank you God. If I had scored higher or differently, I might have foolishly thought it was my own doing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I didn’t work for it.. But I could have only done so much and having all four subjects tell me the exact same thing is just proof that when you submit to God and put your faith in Him, He will deliver. And boy, does He deliver. Thank you!


To be honest, I am torn from feeling extremely undeserving, extremely blessed, and very very blown away. Although I’ve always been a decent scorer in school, I never really saw myself as a 4A* kind of girll. Sure, I aimed for it. And I definitely wanted to be one, but I always felt that it was a league above my own that I could maybe just touch. .

You know how there are smart kids in your school who would score excellently and be greeted with “Figures!” or “I’m not surprised” from others.. Well, I never considered myself that kid. I was more of the one that if I scored well, people wouldn’t be in disbelief but it wouldn’t exactly have been ‘expected’ either.

But after my results were released and I posted them up, I was so amazed to have people tell me ‘”I knew you could do it” and “I’m not surprised”. Even more so when I get told that “You deserve it” and “I’m really happy for you”. From the bottom of my heart, I was so touched that people would have had faith in me to score so well and it is something that just makes me realize how important the support of the people around you can be.

So, I’m posting this because I’m very very grateful and blessed by my results. I hope that the rest of you have heard brilliant news from your respective exam boards and I wish you the best! I was really nervous before getting my results but a healthy dose of Robert Downing Jr. pretty much did the trick.

And well..


Posted by Tiffany Khoo through UCAS Connect