Counseling Services

Our aim is to ensure you chose the right course, country and university to support your personal, academic and professional aspirations.  It is often easy to assume a particular program based upon title, but our Councillors are equipped and trained to take full consideration of the information you provide and advise you on the next step in your career.

Our counselors share the journey with you from the initial consultation, through to your arrival at your chosen destination.

Choosing the right university

Education is now a truly globalised offering with so much choice on offer, but where do you start?  Google searches for “study overseas” provides searchers with 28 million results, which can be an absolute mine field when you first set out on your quest…..  This is where our experts can help.

Through tailored consultation our NAS counselors are able to help shortlist universities following evaluation of:

- Your Study History
- Your Professional Aspirations
- Extra Curricular Achievements
- Relevant University Ranking

University Applications

We aim to make your journey as care free as possible so our counselors manage the application process so you don’t have to worry.
Our counselors will fully review all information supplied and ensure that your application is eligible before any submission is made.

You can apply ONLINE through NAS Education to multiple institutions, allowing you to focus on current study/employment.

Occasionally institutions visit Malaysia to meet with prospective students and should your chosen institution visit you will be invited to meet with the visiting representative.

All Services are FREE

At NAS Education all of our services are free. All the way from initial counselling to application though to booking your flight. Our services include counselling, choosing the right university, Financial Aid, University Applications, Flight Booking, Meet and Greet, visa application, accommodation booking….. and thats just the beginning of how far we go to help our students.

We are extremely lucky in Malaysia, especially in places like Kuala Lumpur due to the local choice of international qualifications available.  A number of our local institutions offer various credit transfer systems allowing you to secure advanced entry to your undergraduate degree in the UK and Australia.


Our informed NAS counsellors are able to help offer advice and support on which foreign institutions may allow you to secure advanced entry, thus allowing you to save money by studying locally at the early part of your studies.


Contact the NAS family to find out if exemptions/credit transfers are available with your current study.

Studying overseas can be costly, so a regular question from students is; “can I secure any financial aid?” – Universities and governments offer various forms of financial aid including scholarships.  Scholarships are generally merit based upon your previous grades.


Scholarships change on a regular basis, which is why we don’t publish them here.  Contact our counsellors to discuss your eligibility for scholarships and study loans.

So you have been accepted to the university, you have submitted your visa application, but where do you live?
All universities have an array of accommodation available for varying budgets.




Things to consider

• Do you want to live with Undergraduates/Postgraduates?
• Do you want to live in a female only apartment
• Would you prefer catered halls of residence?
• Do you want to live on or of campus?
• Do you require an ensuite?
• Would you prefer a homestay?



Universities generally guarantee a form of accommodation, though its fair to say that accommodation is often first-come-first-served.  Our NAS Education counsellors have direct relationships with universities allowing the team to liaise directly with each accommodation office on your behalf.


Remember: Accommodation is subjective and we welcome you to be as specific as you need to be in your accommodation needs.

Each destination of study will require some form of visa application and the process can vary significantly from country to country.
The Good News!
Our trained counselors will take you through the application process to ensure that your are fully prepared before your submission is made.

Some embassies will invite students to undertake an interview before a decision on your application is made.  Once again, our team can help prepare you for the interview.

Just relax and let us take you to your study destination.

Our team send students overseas all the time, so allow us to book your travel from door-to-door for you.

Meet and Greet

If you would like a meet and greet arranged for you, just let your counsellor know and we will endeavor to book this for you.  Do note that arriving outside of key dates often incur a charge.

NAS Education and its partners often arrange briefings and interviews to help prepare students before they depart on their academic journey.  Contact the team for more information for briefings that may relate to you and your overseas study.