Four years ago, I made a decision which you are asked to make very soon. Which university do I want to study at? It is hard to choose a university which you want to go to, because you never know what it is like when you start attending classes. Questions like ‘Am I going to like my classmates?’ ‘Am I going to be the odd one out?’ or ‘Will they understand my humour?’ were questions I frequently asked myself. My biggest issues were not whether the programme was suitable for me. My biggest concerns were regarding my social life, because it does not matter how great the study is or how highly the programme is ranked… if the atmosphere is not great, you will have a long, but unhappy time at your university.

Besides choosing between universities, I needed to make a decision to stay in The Netherlands, the country where I was born, or to go abroad and study in London. I decided to apply for one university in The Netherlands and the University of Greenwich in London and let fate decide. Luckily, I ended up studying at the University of Greenwich, where I met lovely people who I would not have met in my own country. I started with studying Events Management, as I prefer a more practical approach to learning. Great opportunities arose and I worked at fantastic events such as the Top Gear event at Earls Court.

The best thing about my programme was the passion of the lecturers. They come from different areas within the Events Industry; and one of my lecturers had companies all over the world and used his experience within the industry to teach us. Additionally, the University of Greenwich accommodates a variety of students all over the world, who brought different ideas and cultural aspects to the table which were used during our projects. Finally, the Maritime Campus is located near venues such as the O2 Arena, an amazing venue where the greatest events take place. The university has great contacts with these venues and encourages students to get work experience within a variety of companies. I even worked with Lord Alan Sugar and I did not get ‘fired’!

After three years I graduated from the programme, but instead of being happy, I was sad, as I did not want to leave the university. I realised that studying is more than attending classes at university; it is a way of life. I decided to stay at the university to become a maths teacher. A sudden change? Not really, if you consider that I was always responsible for the finances of our events. Or is it?…

‘University is more than studying alone, it is a way of life’ – Remco