student testimonials

NAS Education truly lifts up to its name as one of the best student placement center in this region. NAS’s excellent services with personalized attention to individual application enhanced by their vast experience in handling from A to Z on all matters related to identifying the best programs and educational institutions, application, scholarships, and arrangement for overseas education have provided us the confidence to seek their services not for one but two of our children. Their excellent network with universities and educational institutions in United Kingdom, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand provided us a wide range of options for placement in different universities.

​NAS also assisted in Visa appointment and applications and also accommodation arrangement at designated universities. Their compassion and transparent services display their sincere and most important “I CARE” to our daughter’s placement successfully in UK. Insyallah, next will be for our son. In other words, they have overcome all our worries and concerns with results beyond expectations. Our relationship with NAS has escalated from client to family. Thank you NAS Education for holding the beam to brighten our hope especially in ensuring the best education for our children.

Izzah Hadirah Ahmad Khawari

University of West England International College (UWEIC), Bristol, (2013-2014)
BA (Hons) English, University of West England, Bristol, UK (2014 – current)​

Nazeera Azman

I am very fortunate to know about NAS education as the services they provided to me were excellent. NAS Education always updated me with new information regarding my university application in UK. The guidance that was given to me for choosing the universities, visa application and IELTS were very helpful. Now I feel proud to be able to study in top 3 School of Pharmacy in UK. Everyone in NAS Education is very cheerful and kind. I never felt like an outsider as I always received warm welcome from the team. Until now, I always keep in touch with them. I am a 3rd year Pharmacy student currently studying in Queen’s University Belfast. Here, the lecturers are very helpful and always supports me for assignments and exams. I really enjoy being a pharmacy and hospital community. After I graduate, I’ll be able to implement my knowledge in pharmacy to the public in Malaysia.

Nazeera Azman

Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland
MPharm ​

Studying in the UK and choosing the correct path for higher education particularly in Brunel University London which is one of the top Universities in UK was a dream come true. Thanks to the team at NAS Education (formerly known as Nazza Education) for their efficient and sincere help towards helping us attain admission in Brunel University. My wife and I visited NAS Education in order to get knowledge in the process of an admission, but they proved to be more than a source of help. The team patiently explained the steps and procedure to follow for attaining an admission and also in visa matter. Noor’ Ain and her team are an active lot. The staffs at NAS education were always helpful in answering my small and big questions throughout the process. The education guidance they provide is of top notch, and they are well connected with the university. We were extremely satisfied with their service, and we do strongly recommend it to the students in need. They offer such a good service and help you all along your university pathway, you feel you are not alone during all the process!

Wan Torren Bin Wan Yusoff & Che Rosmawati Binti Che Mat

Brunel University London, United Kingdom
PhD In Management Studies

Wan Torren Che Rosmawanti
Amir Aizzat

KIA ORA NAS Education, the team did a fantastic job helping me in managing my application, advising me till now and guide me with what I need that suits me to study abroad. All the staff is very cheerful, welcoming and lots of laughter’s when I come over to the office. Not to forget the information room filled with University prospectus that allows students like me to explore different Universities and courses available. University of Canterbury – Fantastic lecturer, university environment is really good too. The students here are great and friendly. I am already having lots of international friends that are not only from New Zealand but also from other countries. University of Canterbury is an excellent choice and I would like to thank NAS Education again that helped me by guiding and managing my entire process so that I could be a student in this prestigious University.

Thank you NAS Edu Team, you guys rock!

Amir Aizzat Jifridin

University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Bachelor in Commerce (Marketing)

The brand that speaks for itself’. I got to know NAS Education (formerly known as Nazza) by recommendation from a friend. NAS education has helped me a lot during my PhD application process to Kings College London, also in consultation and visa application. The team are well experienced, dedicated, quick to respond, very helpful and friendly. Studying abroad is a dream come true and thank you NAS education for making it possible. I am really glad I found you guys!

Nur Masirah Mohd Zain

Kings College London, United Kingdom
PhD in Pharmaceutical Science

Nur Masirah
University of York

Consulting with NAS Edu has proved to be beneficial for us – they provided excellent services that catered to the students need very well. To study abroad, we knew a lot of guidance was needed as well as were still unclear of the procedures before enrolling. NAS education had done brilliant job in helping us with their services using their expertise and good social skills to interact with us efficiently, thus making the procedures of studying abroad a breeze. We think it’s also convenient they used various ways to communicate (email, calls, texts) with us to ensure that we were in touch and updated with our applications. We are entering our second year and have met people who have also gone to Nas Education for their services. Its also a good base for networking. Some of us become a committee member in a Malaysian society in York now. Also, there are a few who I had known earlier as mutual clients of NAS Education, which has led us to create a better bond. I have gained a lot of wonderful insights about living abroad before coming here thanks to NAS Education. University of York is one of the top universities that have the course which I’m taking is highly ranked among universities here in UK. We arrived in the UK just in time for the autumn term. York is a wonderful place to be, a small city with beautiful scenery! I would definitely recommend future students to go to NAS education for their services. Thank you NAS Education for everything. Best regards, from us at York.

Nurfarah Nadia, Nur Izzati, Norfarahain, Arni Nurul Syuhadah, Arifah, Hazim

University of York, United Kingdom
BA in English Language and Linguistics

Last year, I approached NAS Edu to help me with my application. Back then, I was at sea on which university to enrol in. I had a couple of study plans but I was torn to choose between Applied Linguistics and TESOL studies. I was amazed with the services provided by NAS Edu. The people there were so friendly and I felt belonged. That is important when you opt for an agent. They did some research and provided me with some delightful options. Honestly, NAS education helped me a lot through my tedious application process. I am now enrolled in my preferred program at University of Queensland, Australia (St.Lucia Campus) Remember the dilemma I had earlier of which course? The best part isi get to study both Applied linguistic and TESOL within the same Masters timeframe provided. Yeay! I had an awesome experience with NAS Education through the whole process. They have helped me wonders. I am now happy with the choice I made and this is all thanks to NAS Edu for the assistance and guidance all the way through. I, without a doubt recommend NAS Edu to all future candidates who wish to study overseas! Kudos Nas Edu! 

Ahmad Niza Syazre

University of Queensland, Australia
Masters in Applied Linguistics (TESOL)

Ahmad Niza Syazre