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Counselling Services
Counselling Services2

Our aim is to ensure you choose the right course, country and university to support your personal, academic and professional aspirations. It is often easy to assume a particular program based upon its title, our NasEduTeam are experienced and trained to advice you, taking full consideration of the information you are to provide and suggest the best next steps in realising your future pathway.
Our counsellors share the journey with you from the initial consultation, through to your arrival at your chosen destination.

Education is now a truly globalised offering where courses and destinations are aplenty to choose from. With the fast-changing trend we tend to get confuse on what best suits us, often torn between our passion and academic qualification.

Google searches for “study overseas” will give us 28 million results, which can be an absolute minefield when you first set out on your quest. This is where our experts can help.

Through tailored consultation our NasEduTeam are able to help shortlist universities following evaluation of:

  • Your Study History (academic background)
  • Your Professional Aspirations (career goal)
  • Extra Curricular Achievements (it can be your passion)
  • Relevant University Ranking or your preference
  • Your Budget​​

Choosing the
right university



We aim to make your journey as as hassle-free as possible. Let our counsellors manage your application for you.

Our counsellors will ensure that all documents and information supplied by you are sufficient and in accordance to the University’s requirement.

You can apply ONLINE to multiple institutions.


We are also an authorised British Council IELTS Registration centre. You can register at our office, find out more on test dates, fees and locations.




Certain academic qualifications are eligible for credit exemptions. Apply through us and we will ensure you get the correct advanced entry based on your academic qualification.

At Pre-Departure Session, you will receive information such as health insurance, opening bank accounts, orientation week and steps required before your arrival at the University. NasEduTeam also organise this for smaller groups especially those who are unable to attend the Session held by the University.


Pre Departure Session